Breed Profile - Swedish Red Cattle

Breed Profile - Swedish Red CattleBreed Profile - Swedish Red Cattle The Swedish Red is considered the Crown Jewel of the red breeds. They are a robust and healthy breed known for excellent fertility. They are also the only cow breed that can compete with Holsteins when it comes to production, and are considered the best breed in the world regarding calving ease. The Swedish red is only a medium-sized cow (approximately 140 cm tall and 550 kg), but it is not to be underestimated! In fact, the breed is so hearty that it has been cross-bred with Holsteins to improve fertility and udder health. Because this breed has substantially lower cell counts compared to Holsteins, they have a very low incidence of mastitis. They are also known [more]

The Crowley Report 11/17/14

The Crowley Report 11/17/14Beans fell back below the 100 day moving average and closed with a 19 cent loss for the week. Meal paced the way lower as cancellations were shown in the weekly sales report. There was additional talk that two cargoes to the EU were switched to Brazil. Earlier this week I confirmed four cargoes of Argentine meal headed to Wilmington. But meal basis remained steady with Des Moines +35, Kansas City +25, Mankato + 20, Decatur +75 and Claypool up 8 dollars to +53. A short term supply disruption in the soymeal market has provided a relief rally since early October, but the longer term bearish outlook for US and world soy markets remains in place. The debate nearby is [more]

Breed Profile - Belgian Red Cattle

Breed Profile - Belgian Red CattleBreed Profile - Belgian Red Cattle The Belgian Red cattle originates from the West Flanders region of Belgium. It produces both meat and milk. During World War I, the pastures of West Flanders were turned into battlefields which nearly eradicated the local cattle population of Cassel and Veurne-Ambacht. After the war, breeders worked together to form a new breed called the West Flemish, which later became the Belgian Red. Today, Belgian Red constitute about 7% of the Belgian national herd.  At 7%, the breed is in danger of extinction. In 1986, there were approximately 50,000 Belgian Red cattle left in West Flanders, but the population began to rapidly decrease. In 2011, only 100 cows were recorded left in the world. Belgian Reds are primarily [more]

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