The Crowley Report 10/20/14

The Crowley Report 10/20/14The corn market traded better early in anticipation of strong export sales which were confirmed on the weekly sales report. Once the market reopened after the morning break prices were under pressure the balance of the session on increased harvest activity. Mexico was the main buyer. Other than to Mexico, U.S. corn is still uncompetitive in the export market when compared to Black Sea and S.Amer. origins. With good harvest weather and an anticipated increase in producer pricing, markets backed off from the short covering rally from earlier in the week. The charts attached give a clear picture of where we are currently. The commitment of traders report indicates to me that funds were sneaking out of some of their long [more]

Breed Profile - Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle

Breed Profile - Murnau-Werdenfels CattleBreed Profile - Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle This week Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition presents the Murnau-Werdenfeld! Murnau-Werdenfels Cattle are an old, robust dairy breed from Upper Bavaria, the southernmost part of Germany. Their coats are primarily brownish-red and yellow, with some color variation, and their hooves and horn tips are black. They are similar to the German brown, but smaller with more reddish tones in their fur. Although this cow breed is considered to be hearty and fertile, the Murnau-Werdenfel was elected the most “Endangered Breed of the Year” in 2007 by the Red List of the German Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Livestock breeds. The decline in this multi-purpose breed is caused by low milk performance. There are rumored to [more]

The Crowley Report 10/13/14

The Crowley Report 10/13/14 The crop report held no surprises and prices returned to trading harvest progress, weather and Global demand. The USDA put corn yields at 174.1. That was a bump higher by 2.5 BA above last month. They put harvested acres down 700,000 to 83.1 million. The trade was looking for a bigger change. The carryout was shown at 2.081 billion.  Oct crop report clarifies plantings and dispels the threat of major acreage loss. Trade will likely suspect the potential of an even larger crop in the Nov report. Major changes in corn yields from Sep were Missouri up 11, Ill up 6 and Kan up 6. Mich up 5 and N Dak down 5. A 178 type yield like FCStone showed [more]

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