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With more than 20 ingredients on site, we find the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to affordably and efficiently maintain the health of our customers’ herds.


We work with both in-house and independent nutritionists to help you design a feed combination that satisfies your herd’s specific needs.
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Our Dairy Matter auditing and training program improves farm efficiency, cow comfort, and milk quality through evaluation of a farm’s operations.
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Digi-Star TMR Tracker is a Windows-based feed management system that helps farmers keep track of feed rations by easily reviewing feed costs and intake.
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Keep your calves growing during the first critical months with proper nutrition from high-quality feed with the Phoenix Calf Program in partnership with Purina.
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We deliver our feed throughout the Northeast, from Maine to New York. We employ 16 full-time truck drivers and 8 independent drivers to ensure our feed reaches your farm on time.


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