Premium animal nutrition, next-level service

The right combination of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals maximizes a herd’s health and production efficiency. Yet, success is about more than sourcing high-quality feed components.

Our in-house nutritionists’ commitment to service can take you to the next level. We’re right for you if you want:

  • A competitive price without sacrificing quality. 
  • Customized feed ingredients to increase production.
  • Recommendations to simplify your business.
  • Outstanding customer service for ease of ordering and delivery.

Maximize farm profits and outperform your goals

You shouldn’t have to pay more for quality feed. Get the best possible prices and

A Boost In Performance

We’ve mastered the art of complementing what is grown on the farm with the right energy and protein needs, supplements, minerals, and vitamins.

Ease and Efficiency

We offer everything under one roof to meet your needs for: 

  • Bagged minerals
  • Calf and heifer feeds
  • Commodities
  • Custom livestock feeds
  • Forage management
  • Milk replacer
  • Pellet feeds

Precision of Ingredients

We test inbound ingredients, develop profiles, and monitor nutrient parameters. 

Whenever there is a change, in-house and independent nutritionists receive updated ingredient specs so they can make the best decisions to improve animal health and production.

Maximize farm profits and outperform your goals

How to Get Started

1. Meet with our Nutrition Specialists

We’ll visit your operation to get to know your unique needs and challenges.

2. Get your Forage Tested

We’ll test your forage to find opportunities for improvement.

3. Get Personalized Feed Recommendations

We’ll create a custom nutrition plan to meet and exceed your goals.

4. For Dairy operations, Meet with our Calf and Heifer Specialists

We offer specialized consultations for calves and heifers to keep your dairy herd growing strong.

What Farmers Are Saying

Because we’re packaging under our own name, we try to achieve consistency in the feed, so the flavor is not changing dramatically. With Phoenix, they’re consistent and reliable, and that translates to flavor and consistent production on the part of the cows.

-Jon Rooney

Monument Farms Dairy, Weybridge, Vermont

We view Phoenix Feeds as a partner in our quest for excellence and profitability. They are not just a supplier. We have lots of suppliers in our little business. Phoenix Feeds is a partner.

-Paul Knox

Knoxland Farm, Bradford, Vermont