Dairy Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

The right combination of vitamins and minerals is essential in maximizing a herd’s health and production efficiency. At Phoenix Feeds and Nutrition, we work with nutritionists to determine which mix of feeds best suits each customer’s needs.


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Our Dairy Nutrition Specialists


Jonathan Audy

A lifelong dairy farmer, Jonathan furthered his education and now focuses on providing nutritional solutions to the challenges of modern day agriculture. He joined the team in 2009 and plays a major role in maintaining the client base that makes Phoenix one of the strongest suppliers in the Northeast.

David Burnham

With dense knowledge of dairy nutrition and farming practices, David has gained a reputation of invaluable commitment and impeccable problem solving. He is well versed with the latest nutrition technologies, which allow him to provide top quality advice and services to our customers and their herds.

Shane Keady

Born and raised a farmer, Shane also holds a degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Sciences as well as a Master’s in business. He joined the team in 2014 and now dedicates himself to helping local farmers and New England’s dairy base.



Ration Balancing – AAMPS

Phoenix Feeds has teamed up with Provimi to ensure our dairy customers have access to the latest nutritional technology available in the industry. AAMPS (Amino Acid Metabolize Protein System) is a computer ration balancing program. Its purpose is to improve accuracy in meeting nutrient requirements for high producing dairy herds.

The program allows for maximum forage utilization, predicts rumen performance, balances amino acids and metabolizable protein, and predicts risk of milk fat. Our personnel are trained to use the AAMPS ration balancing program to unlock a herd’s production potential.



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