The finest feed products

We offer a range of feed enhancement products that provide the amino acids, vitamins, and minerals essential to maintaining a healthy and efficient herd. 

Our in-house nutritionists’ commitment to service can take you to the next level. We’re right for you if you want to:

  • Increase milk production
  • Improve milk components
  • Gain efficiencies in feed costs
  • Reduce metabolic disorders
  • Boost herd immune systems

Ruminants have specific nutritional needs directly linked to production, their reproduction cycle, and overall health.

80% of the animal’s immune system depends on a critical microbial balance.


Probac 5+ With Bovamine Dairy Plus

Bovamine Dairy Plus provides beneficial bacteria to help target and balance the lower GI tract by excluding pathogenic bacteria, maintaining acid pH, and interacting with the gut wall to maintain a healthy immune system.

Milk Replacer & Calf & Heifer Feeds

For producers seeking optimum growth, we offer multiple options for calf and heifer feeds, with specialized guidance from our calf and heifer nutritionist.

Bagged Minerals

Having the right balance of minerals is a critical step to deliver the performance within your herd, flock or stock. Phoenix customized minerals deliver the right mineral profile to achieve that performance across all age ranges and species. Inquire about our options.

SiloSolve® Inoculant

Our silage inoculants from Chr. Hansen facilitate control of the fermentation process and help maintain a high nutritional value of the ensiled forage. Click the link to learn more about our product offering.

Custom livestock feeds & nutrition services

We carry a large variety of bulk dairy feed ingredients, from cornmeal to soybeans to bakery meal, each at a competitive price. Taking your unique needs into consideration, our nutritionists create a custom blend of bulk feed and vitamins and minerals to meet your herd’s needs.

Ready to develop a custom solution for your operation?

Meet with our nutrition specialists, get your forage tested, and get personalized feed recommendations.