Natural-pork swine feeding program

There are numerous reasons for the growing interest in producing natural pork for the changing consumer market. All-natural pork production offers rewarding marketing opportunities for the end product, however it presents certain production challenges to the producer.

CSA Animal Nutrition provides Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition with specific formulations so that they can make all-natural complete feeds and supplements for use on individual farms. They can also provide producers that have on-farm feed mixing equipment with the Natural-Pork nutritional products.

All so producers can optimize performance while working in harmony with the all-natural production restrictions that limit the use of antibiotics and certain feed ingredients. 

Natural Complete Swine feeds

Hog Starter

A base mix combined with grain and soybean meal to make diets for developing gilts, sows and boars. 

Hog Grower

Use to transition growing pigs to finisher diets.

Hog Finisher

A base mix combined with grain and
soybean meal to make diets for pigs
weighing more than 40 lb.

Sow Meal

Feed to desired body condition. Generally (4-6 lb) per gestating sow per day.

Hog 16 Pellet (Maine only)

Available in Augusta, ME mill only.

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