All natural poultry feed products

We rely on 10 Ph.D. nutritionists and a team of experienced specialists to provide professional advice to your poultry operation. Whether you raise poultry as a hobby, for 4H, or are a commercial operation, Phoenix has a poultry program to fit your needs.

We work closely with CSA Animal Nutrition, an independent poultry nutrition consulting and services firm, to utilize locally available ingredients that are evaluated and incorporated into diets based on quality, consistency, and cost.

Diets are continually evaluated to ensure that the program is meeting customer expectations.



Contains Coban for the prevention of coccidiosis. Feed from 0-7 weeks of age to provide fast & uniform starts.


Feed from 7-14 weeks of age to keep birds accelerating through the grower period.


Feed the final 14 weeks of age until market to push turkeys to optimal final weights.


Poultry Starter (21%)

Contains Coban for the prevention of coccidiosis. Feed to broilers from 0-3 weeks of age. Feed to pullets from 0-6 weeks of age.


Poultry Grower (19%)

For fast gains and good feed conversion feed to broilers from 3-6 weeks of age. To turn pullets into productive laying hens feed to pullets from 6-17 weeks of age.

Poultry Finisher (17.5%)

Add extra pounds to broilers by feeding from 6 weeks of age until market.

Layer 235% (16.5%)

Feed to laying hens for high rates of lay and excellent quality shells. Enzymes have been added to enhance digestibility of the feed and also to reduce phosphorus output.

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