On Thursday, September 22nd, dairy nutritionists visited Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition for a tour and barbecue. Teaming up with the ZinPro Corporation, Phoenix Feeds brought valuable insight to their British nutritionists.

zinpro-1“Because they (British farmers and nutritionists) have a similar landscape, it’s easy for them to get a good feel for what is going to be effective in a similar climate,” said David Santos, Co-Owner, President, and General Manager of Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition. Britain is facing similar decline in small dairy farms with nearly 1,000 farms shut down in the last three years. For this reason, it is important for every farmer to feed their herds effectively. Thanks to performance minerals such as Availa Plus from ZinPro, Phoenix Feeds can boost their customer’s feed rations more efficiently per ton, driving down the overall feed cost.

In a dairy climate that faces many challenges, including fluctuating milk pricing, the industry relies on innovative suppliers such as Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition and ZinPro to not only increase production but to also have a pricing structure that farmers can rely on.

zinpro-2The tour showed off some of Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition’s latest technological advancements to the mill. Phoenix can now produce more feed per hour than before its mills upgrades. This allows Phoenix Feeds to deliver more cost savings to the customer and more accuracy for the rations.

Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition is proud to service dairy, swine, and poultry farms and their nutritionists. Leading the way with technological advancements, Phoenix Feeds provides rations that maximize production to all the animals they feed.

Phoenix Feeds would like to thank ZinPro and friends for visiting! We had a great time sharing our process. Come back soon!